Cleveland State’s Partnership with Wacker: Win/Win for the Community!

Cleveland State offers on-site consulting, curriculum development and Lean Manufacturing to Wacker which yielded improvements in safety, quality, productivity, cost and customer experience.

Denso Manufacturing, Athens, TN

Eric Witt is nearing graduation with an exciting career lined up in automotive manufacturing at DENSO in North America. Listen to his story and see if trade school is right for you!

Cormtech Teachers Academy – Chuck Barkley

Teachers in Bradley County get connected to local industry thanks to the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce’s Teachers Academy. Watch as one Cleveland State Community College professor explains how the program benefitted him, his industry partner Cormetech and most importantly – his students.

Mechatronics Technology at CSCC | Veteran, Student Billy Pierce

With growing manufacturing opportunities in Bradley County, there are many advantages of being part of a course that partners with the local industry. Mechatronics Technology student, Billy Pierce, discusses these benefits as well as other aspects that attracted him to the program at Cleveland State Community College.

The Refuge Testimonial

Watch to learn how one Cleveland man landed two job offers less than 30 days after graduating from this two-week program. Learn how you, too, can have the same success.

For more information on The Refuge or their Career Connection program, visit

Lonza Teachers Academy – Eric Blackburn

Educators in Bradley County connect with local industries thanks to the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce’s Teachers Academy. Watch as one Cleveland High School teacher shares his experience working with Lonza Group, and offers insight about the region’s high-demand for skilled workers.

Joe McCullough

Joe is a local parent and business owner who understands the importance of encouraging his children to pursue technical career paths.

Cameron Davis Testimonial

Cameron Davis graduated from Walker Valley High School in 2012 and 14 months later he landed a job a Wacker in Cleveland, TN.

Mayor Gary Davis

Mayor Gary Davis of Bradley County, Tennessee talks about the need for skilled workers in the ever-increasing workforce. He mentions alternate educational and training routes that students can take in order to land a successful career.

Stephen May

Stephen May is a senior at Bradley Central High School, studying to be a mechanical engineer. Stephen stresses the importance of developing your skills early and utilizing the resources offered in high school.

Matthew Fulbright

Matthew Fulbright is a Walker Valley High School graduate, currently studying to be a mechanical engineer.

Mckinnley Teague

Mckinnley Teague is a Bradley Central High School graduate who currently works at Quality Machining Services as a machinist. He participated in work-based learning at BCHS and went on to TCAT-Athens and completed their 18-month long “Machine Tool” program in only 5 months.

Svetlana Moskalenko

Svetlana Moskalenko is an engineer at Volkswagen who turned her interest in hands-on problem solving into a lifelong career.