TN College of Applied Technology - Athens


  • Short-term programs (1 year or less)
  • Job Placement
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships

Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Athens works with businesses and industries to develop customized training programs to meet the training needs of employees, providing students with the exact skilled training needed to taking the first step toward a successful career. TCAT-Athens offers a wide variety of two-year degrees and one-year certificates. Click on any of the programs you may be interested in, and see the individual classes that make up that program.

The Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology serve as the premier suppliers of workforce development throughout the State of Tennessee. The Colleges fulfill their mission by:

  • Providing competency-based training through superior quality, traditional and distance learning instruction methods that qualify completers for employment and job advancement;
  • Contributing to the economic and community development of the communities served by training and retraining employed workers;
  • Ensuring that programs and services are economical and accessible to all residents of Tennessee; and
  • Building relationships of trust with community, business, and industry leaders to supply highly skilled workers


  • Short-term programs (1 year or less)
  • Job Placement
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships

Cleveland State Community College provides accessible, responsive, and quality educational opportunities primarily for residents of southeastern Tennessee. The College delivers developmental education, university transfer programming, workforce training and continuing education activities. By engaging a diverse student body in the learning process, the College aspires to promote success, enhance quality of life and encourage civic involvement. The College strives to be a responsible partner in lifelong learning for the individual and in the economic development of the region.

  • Students will be in class with “like-minded” people, who are focused, self-disciplined, and want to earn their certificate.
  • Networking Opportunities—students form strong connections with other working students/professionals.
  • Students know upfront their scheduling for the entire program.


Cleveland State Community College - Athens


Tennessee Wesleyan University


  • Short-term programs (1 to 4 years or less)
  • Job Placement
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships

Near the center of Athens, Tennessee, Tennessee Wesleyan University provides experiences one expects from a major university with the attention and nurturing a liberal arts education offers. Offering more than 30 undergraduate and graduate programs, students prepare for in-demand careers in industries like business, science, health professions and education.

The southeast Tennessee community plays an important role in the development of our region’s future leaders. Main campus is located two blocks from the town center, with easy access to the surrounding area. Instructional sites in Knoxville and Cleveland provide convenience to students in the nursing and management excellence programs. In addition to our main and instructional sites, some programs are offered online.

  • Faculty and staff are dedicated to assisting students in the realization of their full potential through holistic and transformational learning experiences in the classroom, the field and our community.
  • Partnerships within the community provide students the opportunity to gain real-world experience and provide valuable input toward the economic development within the city and county.
  • Small class sizes encourage one-on-one mentoring between faculty and students.